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Window Treatment Design

From simple blinds to complex draperies, window treatments finish the room. Whatever your style, I will create something that is beautiful and meets your requirements for light control and privacy.

Design Consultation

The initial design consultation is the launching pad for every new project. We discuss the scope of your project and I ask you questions to learn about your tastes, your lifestyle and how you intend to use the space. We’ll talk about your ideas, goals, and budget and come up with the best way to start turning your vision into reality.

Space Planning

Space planning involves arranging all of the items in your room so that it works in the way you need it to. Is there easy access to storage? Does traffic move easily through the space? Are the seating arrangements comfortable and functional for conversations, watching TV or reading a book? The first step to a well-designed space is carefully considered space planning. Without it even the most beautiful rooms can feel cluttered, cramped and uncomfortable.

Paint and Wall-coverings

Walls are the empty canvases of your room, and with the largest surface area of any element in your space, they play a key role in the design. Walls can be turned into dramatic focal points, rich textural surfaces, or they can act as neutral backgrounds to highlight your furnishings.

Flooring, Finishes & Materials

I will work with you to choose finishes and materials for any room in your home. From backsplashes, countertops and fixtures to millwork, hardware, flooring, and finishes, it’s the architectural details and cohesiveness in design that makes your home truly sparkle.

Furniture and Fabric

When it comes to style, the furniture and fabrics say it all. Not only do the right pieces create the look you want, but they also function to meet your needs. If you have pets and kids you need durable fabrics. If you entertain frequently you might want lots of seating. Whatever your style and however you use your space, choosing the right pieces is what makes your room feel like home.

Sourcing and Purchasing

Pulling a design together involves sourcing all of the materials, furniture and accessories that will go into a space, and I take care of it all for you. I find all the right pieces, present you with options, guide you through the decision-making process, and then handle all the logistics of purchasing and delivery.

Lighting & Accessories

Lighting and accessories are the finishing touches in any decorating project. A carefully conceived lighting plan and well-chosen accessories can elevate your space to magazine-quality status. I will work with you to choose unique pieces that will reflect your style and provide the impact you’re looking for.